Bob Golub Net Worth and Salary

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$26’000’000. *It was submitted by Nissa Beck, 34 years old. Job: (Electric-Motor Assembler And Tester). From Windham, Maine
$57’000’000. *It was submitted by Willi Rozen, 21 years old. Job: (Cloth Measurer, Machine). From Stanley, Kentucky
$25’000’000. *It was submitted by Winnah Ehlers, 24 years old. From Lucerne, California



Bob Golub salary
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Bob Golub net worth
Bob Golub net worth
Bob Golub salary
Bob Golub salary
Bob Golub salary
Bob Golub salary
Bob Golub net worth salary

Height, Weight

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1,74m.**It was submitted by Fern, 45 years old. Job: (Laboratory Manager). From Summit, Mississippi.
1,79m.***It was submitted by Valentia Arber, 28 years old. Job: (Dry-Pan Operator). From Daggett, Michigan.
How big is Bob Golub weight?

67kg.**It was submitted by Rori, 59 years old. Job: (Oil-Well-Service Operator). From La Follette, Tennessee.
78kg.***It was submitted by Tripp Ehrenreich, 29 years old. From Clayton, Idaho.




Bob Golub information

Birth date and age: 1957-09-06

The place of birth (POB): Sharon, Pennsylvania

Height:58 (1.73 m)

Profession: Actor, Director, Writer

Spouse:Emile Golub
Bob Golub (born September 6, 1957) is an American comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker of Polish descent, whose work is largely inspired from his true-life childhood experiences of growing up in a dysfunctional home located in the steel-mill town of Farrell, Pennsylvania.

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