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$46’000’000. *It was submitted by Jessamyn Samenfeld, 58 years old. From Pulaski, Illinois
$62’000’000. *It was submitted by Bridgette, 58 years old. Job: (Inspector, Photographic Equipment). From Byron, Georgia
$88’000’000. *It was submitted by Dasi, 41 years old. Job: (Armature-Winder Helper, Repair). From Branchville, Virginia



Pamela Jones salary
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Pamela Jones net worth
Pamela Jones salary
Pamela Jones salary
Pamela Jones net worth salary
Pamela Jones salary
Pamela Jones salary
Pamela Jones net worth

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1,63m.*It was submitted by Homere Blaisdell-Denoto, 48 years old. From Sweeden, Kentucky.
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65kg.*It was submitted by Lloyd, 51 years old. From Glasgow, Missouri.




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Profession: Actress, Miscellaneous Crew
Pamela Jones, commonly known as PJ, is the creator and was editor of Groklaw, an award-winning website that covered legal news of interest to the free and open-source software community. Jones is an Open Source advocate who previously trained and worked as a paralegal.Jonesarticles have appeared in Linux Journal, LWN, LinuxWorld Magazine, Linux Today, and She also wrote a monthly opinion column for the UK print publication Linux User and Developer. She is one of the contributors to the book Open Sources 2.0: The Continuing Evolution.

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