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$8’000’000. *It was submitted by Herbie, 24 years old. From Bristol, New Hampshire
$71’000’000. *It was submitted by Pierrette Yeaple, 48 years old. Job: (Pilot, Highway Patrol). From Houck, Arizona
$95’000’000. *It was submitted by Molly, 32 years old. Job: (Deliverer, Car Rental). From Petroleum, Indiana
$6’000’000. *It was submitted by Kevan Lavoie-Beebe, 47 years old. Job: (Editor, Map). From Boyce, Virginia



Peter Leeds net worth salary
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Peter Leeds net worth
Peter Leeds net worth
Peter Leeds salary
Peter Leeds net worth
Peter Leeds salary
Peter Leeds salary
Peter Leeds net worth salary

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1,72m.*It was submitted by Tallia Raposo, 51 years old. From La Fayette, Kentucky.
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73kg.*It was submitted by Gussy Kaxiras, 24 years old. From Clinton, South Carolina.




Peter Leeds information

Birth date and age: May 30, 1917

Death date: 1996-11-12

The place of birth (POB): Bayonne, New Jersey, New Jersey, U.S.

Height:61 (1.85 m)

Profession: Actor

Spouse:Patricia Leeds
Peter Leeds (May 30, 1917 – November 12, 1996) was an American actor, who appeared on television more than eight thousand times and also had many film, Broadway, and radio credits. The majority of his work took place in the 1950s and 1960s. Working with many well-known comedians, he became popular as a straight man to their antics.Beyond situation comedies, Peter Leeds was also a dramatic actor, a Broadway performer, and a regular on many variety shows. He made three guest appearances on Perry Mason, including the role of murderer Bill Emory in the 1958 episode, The Case of the Sun Bathers Diary.Peter Leeds was also a popular voice-over artist, being heard on over 3,000 radio shows, and accompanied Bob Hope on 14 international USO tours.

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