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$99’000’000. *It was submitted by Merrile, 54 years old. From Roosevelt, Minnesota
$70’000’000. *It was submitted by Sallyann Pabari, 47 years old. From Malaga, Washington



Simone Changeux net worth
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Simone Changeux salary
Simone Changeux net worth salary
Simone Changeux salary
Simone Changeux salary
Simone Changeux net worth salary
Simone Changeux net worth
Simone Changeux net worth

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1,81m.***It was submitted by Goddart, 53 years old. From Williamstown, West Virginia.
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Simone Changeux information

Birth date and age: December 19, 1928

The place of birth (POB): Toulon, Var, France

Profession: Writer
Template:Multiple issuesAnne Golon (born 17 December 1921, Toulon, Var) is a French author, better known to English-speaking readers as Sergeanne Golon. She has written a series of novels about a heroine Angelique.Born Simone Changeux in Toulon, a port in south-eastern France, was the daughter of Pierre Changeux, a scientist and a captain in the French Navy. She was interested in painting and writing from early childhood and published her first novel, The Country from behind my Eyes, when she was 18 under the pen name Jo?lle Danterne. During World War II she travelled via bicycle through France to Spain. She wrote using different pen-names, helped to create France Magazine, and was awarded a literary prize for The Patrol of the Saint Innocents.She was sent to Africa as a journalist, where she met Vsevolod Serge?vich Goloubinoff, her future husband, Serge Golon. They collaborated on Ang?lique, Marquise of the Angels (1956), the first book in the series. The book was an overnight success. When originally published in France, the books were credited to Serge and Anne Golon, Anne being the author and husband Serge having done much of the historical research. The two names were merged into Sergeanne Golon by the British publishers when the books were translated.The popularity of the books led to two films made in 1964 by Bernard Borderie. The actress Mich?le Mercier played Angelique, and Robert Hossein played her husband, Joffrey de Peyrac.In 1972, Anne and Serge Golon went to Canada to continue their research. That year, as Anne wrote Ang?lique and the Ghosts, Serge died.Anne carried on writing and brought up her four children at the same time. Between Serges death and 1985, Anne wrote four more volumes, beginning with the second half of Ghosts (both portions published in French as a single volume, Angelique in Quebec) and proceeding through Ang?liques Victory. Anne Golon was reduced to a state close to poverty and filed a lawsuit against the French publisher Hachette for abuse of copyright and for her unpaid royalties. She won her battle over the publishing rights to her Ang?lique stories. After a legal battle in France lasting nearly a decade, she reached an agreement which left her the sole owner of the works.Ang?lique, the Marquise of the AngelsAng?lique: The Road to Versailles (published in the US and the UK with the first volume, simply as Ang?lique)Ang?lique and the KingAng?lique and the Sultan (alternative title, Ang?lique in Barbary)Ang?lique in RevoltAng?lique in LoveThe Countess Ang?liqueThe Temptation of Ang?lique (in Canada, The Temptation of Ang?lique 1: The Jesuit Trap and The Temptation of Ang?lique 2: The Downfall of Goldbeard)Ang?lique and the DemonAng?lique and the GhostsThe novels are primarily set in the time of Louis XIV in France, although some books are set in Morocco or the new lands of America.

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