Best Business Tips from 6 Top Entrepreneurs


Becoming a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat. Sacrifice, hard work and an unwavering determination for achieving greatness are required. So is surviving your mistakes — because they will happen.

At CreativeLive, I’ve always strived to learn from my own mistakes and to gain powerful insights from those who have successfully gone down the path before me. That’s why I reached out to six top entrepreneurs, writers and CEOs I’ve admired for years.

I asked each of them to share with me, in a selfie-style video clip, their single most impactful piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs. Those interviewees included:

1. Chase Jarvis, CEO at CreativeLive

[su_quote]”Scratch your own itch.”[/su_quote]

2. Jon Acuff, ‘New York Times’ best-selling author of ‘Do Over’

[su_quote]”Success takes hustle.”[/su_quote]

3. Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, author of ‘#GIRLBOSS’

[su_quote]”Don’t give up, don’t take anything personally, and don’t take no for an answer.”[/su_quote]

4. Lewis Howes, author of ‘The School of Greatness’
[su_quote]”Follow your heart.”[/su_quote]

5. Nir Eyal, author of ‘Hooked’
[su_quote]”Certainty is more dangerous than ignorance.”[/su_quote]

6. Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist of Canva, author of ‘The Art of the Start 2.0’
[su_quote]”Focus on the prototype.”[/su_quote]


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